This is the Influence on Monhegan Island in Maine. 

It reminds me to always give thanks to the Influences in my life in Art.

Top of the list:

Dennis Byng. 

Guggenheim Fellow, twice.

His words have been in my head since 1990.

“You are always painting on all of the painting all of the time.”

“I don’t know anything about color.” 

This was the opening line of my first Color Theory Class with him.

Of course.  I understand.  Can one among us grasp Infinity?

Joe Kohn

Member, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,

Film Instructor, Harlem after World War 2:

“It’s not the easiest life but it’s the best life. Artists see beauty each moment, if they choose it.”

M.Y. who gave me a bit of advice that was immeasurable in its’ worth:

“Which ever way the herd is going, go the other way.”

Enter Robert Frost Poem

S. L.  for reminding me of my photographic roots.

Dorothy Carroll for always supporting me.

Ella Jane Harrington Sellingham

Nana, for so much.

Check back.  There are and will be others.